Mosaic is a Best Site for Commuters

Did you know Mosaic was recently named a 2021 Best Site for Commuters for offering exceptional commuter benefits and resources? The Best Site for Commuters award recognizes sites  that provide outstanding commuter benefits and help positively impact commutes to and from Mosaic. 

Why was Mosaic selected? Mosaic Green Commute, Mosaic’s on-site travel and mobility assistance program offers a wide range of resources and site amenities for commuters:   

– Carpool/vanpool matching programs  

– Customized trip planning to work and around the DMV 

– Telework-related resources and telework program planning assistance    

– Bike storage and bike rentals 

– and more! 

The Mosaic Green Commute team looks forward to continuing to support you in getting to work, whether you are teleworking, going into the office, or somewhere in between.  Please reach out to our team at if you have any questions. Thank you for being an important part of the community!