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Mosaic Green Commute team members are committed to helping you find the best ways to travel to the places that matter most. Whether that’s taking the Metro to work, walking to meet friends for dinner plans, or teleworking, our team is here for you.

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No need to go downstairs and consult the display! Real time transit information is available directly on your phone or computer.

Mosaic is proud to be recognized as one of 2021’s Best Sites for Commuters.

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Looking for a new way to travel to work, shopping, a baseball or hockey game, or even just around the area? Living at Mosaic means you have an abundance of travel options to connect you to the surrounding community. Interested in learning what’s in walking, biking, and Metro distance of Mosaic?


There are many ways to get active in the Mosaic Green Commute community, from giveaways and contests to helpful blog posts and on-site events.

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Our Team is Here for You

We are dedicated to helping you find the transportation choices that fit your specific needs.

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