Getting Around this Earth Day

As we look to spring into Earth Day, we think of a time of pastures anew and a period of revival for mother nature. There are many ways to contribute to aid sustainability efforts for Earth. Some methods to consider for helping in this effort are to steer away from the gas pump to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability efforts. 

 Instead of paying more at the pump, utilizing a different method of transportation can save money and cut emissions.  

Walking, biking, or taking transit are all great ways to get around this Earth Day.  

 Teleworking is another alternative to driving that allows you to avoid the gas station altogether while repurposing your time otherwise spent commuting. Some of these modes don’t require you to have to travel to a gas station and spend money at the pump while simultaneously sustaining the environment around you.  

There are plenty of different eco-friendly and inexpensive travel choices to get you to work.    

If you are interested in learning about eco-friendly commute options that can save you time and money, we can help! Be sure to get in touch with our team at Happy Earth Day! 


The Mosaic Green Commute Team