Live near some coworkers? Try carpooling! Not only do you get to use the HOV lanes, like on I-66, and the Express Lanes, like on I-495 and coming soon to I-95, for free and without penalty, but you save on gas, parking fees, and wear and tear on your vehicle. Commuter Connections operates a regional database where commuters can submit their home and work locations to find potential carpool matches. Best of all it’s FREE!

Carpooling is a convenient and affordable commute choice for getting around the DC Metro Area. If you are interested in Carpooling, check out Commuter Connections online, where you can get information about registering, where to locate Park & Ride lots in the area, and other great carpooling tips.

Mosaic Green Commute is also here to help you with any of your carpooling needs. If you have questions about carpooling or would like help finding a carpool match or communicating with potential carpoolers, let us know.

Worried about getting stranded during an emergency? Commuter Connections offers a guaranteed and free ride home for those who carpool, so you’ll never be stuck!