National Bike to School Day

Attention all families! 

Let us spin those wheels and ride to school by bicycle on National Bike to School Week. What a way to start off your day with a nice bike ride to school. Enjoy the lush outdoors while traveling by bicycle. This is an exciting time for parents to switch up getting stuck in traffic and being able to spend some quality time with your children before they head off to the classroom! Parents should encourage their children to try riding bikes to school as an alternative method of travel. However, for those that are concerned about safety we have you covered with a helpful safety guide to reassure parents that child safety is imperative.  

This is a fantastic way to be environmentally friendly and aid in sustainability. Instead of taking a car or bus to school, riding a bike would cut down traffic congestion and reduce emissions. Get involved with your community by doing some group rides with fellow families and neighbors. Riding in group settings can help with safety and it is a fun activity to partake in! Spread the word to invite anyone in your community to ride their bikes to school! 

For any biking related questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to We cannot wait to help your children begin their biking journey. 


Mosaic Green Commute Team