3 Essential Tips to Start Walking or Biking

With warmer weather just around the corner, now is the best time to try getting around by walking or biking!

If you’re used to driving, getting to places nearby by bike or on foot can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, while incorporating exercise into a routine part of your day.

Here’s 3 essential tips to start walking or biking today:

1. Determine which option is best

There are a few things to consider before you head out to make sure you’re taking the option that’s best for your trip:

  • Distance: How far is it and can you comfortably walk, run or bike the distance?
  • Time: If you’re on a tight schedule, biking instead can give you extra speed to save time.
  • To bike or bikeshare: If biking seems like the right choice, it’s time to figure out if you want to use your own bike or rent one through Capital Bikeshare.

2. Gear up

Having the right gear can make your walk or bike ride more comfortable and enjoyable. We’ve linked the best gear according to experts below in case you need to stock up on anything new!

Essential walking gear:

Essential biking gear:

3. Consider the end of your trip

Before you step out the door, don’t forget anything you may need once you’re at your destination. If you’re walking or biking a longer distance or commuting to work, you may want to think about:

  • Change of shoes and/or clothes: Stay comfy on your walk or bike ride and pack nicer clothes or shoes if you need them. For commuting, get your gear together the night before or, better yet, keep extras at the office so it’s one less thing to worry about when you step out the door.
  • Freshen up: If you’d like to shower when you reach your destination, keep in mind you may need to request access to your office’s shower facilities before your first trial of your new commute. If your office or other destination doesn’t have a shower, consider joining a nearby gym to use their facilities as you need and double your workout. You can also purchase cleansing wipes and bring your favorite fragrance in a pinch!
  • Park your bike: Find out where you’ll park or store your bike. If using Capital Bikeshare, check to see the nearest docking station to your destination and make sure it has available docks. Most office buildings offer secure bike parking, but like showers, you may need to request access in advance. If that’s not available, look for visitor bike parking near your destination and don’t forget your bike lock.

If you need more tips for your first trip walking or biking, reach out toInfo@MosaicGreenCommute.com or plan your trip so you’re ready to hit the road (or sidewalks).

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